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SP 20000




The ultimate heated and bubbling Spa Pool!

The SP 20000 is the newest addition to the Splashpool.co.za range. Demand for a Larger Rectangle shape pool, played a major role in the development of this Pool.

In the design of this pool we gave attention to surface area, depth and seating arrangement as to ensure the most usable and cost effective pool in its class.

The size of this pool lends itself to the larger townhouse gardens.

Visit our technical page to get more information on equipment and materials used. Join our satisfied customers this summer in a fun filled feature loaded SPLASHPOOL.

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Available in most areas in South Africa

Size: 6.000m x 2.700m x 1.200m deep


Spa Pool

Spa pools includes

  • Heater
  • Blower
  • 4 Spa Jets


Prices are approximate and may vary from area to area due to transport, material costs, and soil conditions. Price excludes soil removal and electrical connection to house.