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SP 6000




The ultimate heated and bubbling Spa Pool!

The SP 6000 is similar in shape to the SP4000 but is relatively larger in size and therefor seats more people. Strong sales and excellent feedback confirmed the price, quality and design features as a winning market mix. Enjoy a seating arrangement that caters for the whole family and more. The blower, heater and spa-jet options changes this family pool into a spa-pool in no time.

The size of this pool lends itself to nearly all townhouse gardens.

Visit our technical page to get more information on equipment and materials used. Join our satisfied customers this summer in a fun filled feature loaded SPLASHPOOL.

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Available in most areas in South Africa

Size: 2.4m x 3.2m x .9m deep


Kit form

R32 235
  • Includes:  Shell, Weir, 2 x Aimflows, o.6kw pump and motor. 2 Bag sand filter, 2 bag filter sand, Blue LED underwater light,DB box and filter box

Semi Installed

R42 945
  • Includes:  Same as Kit Form plus hand dig, leveling, back fill and connection of plumbing.

Fully Installed

R46 095
  • Includes:  Same as Semi Installed plus 750mm Sandstone style paving.

Spa Pool

Kit form

R38 745
  • Includes:  Shell, Weir, 4 x spa jets, o.75kw pump and motor. 3 Bag sand filter, 3 bag filter sand, blower and blower pipe, 4 Kw heating element , Blue LED underwater light,DB box, and filter box

Semi Installed

R47 670
  • Includes:  Same as Kit Form above plus hand dig, leveling, back fill and connection of plumbing.

Fully Installed

R50 820
  • Includes: Same as Semi Installed plus 750mm Sandstone style paving.

Spa pools include

  • Heater
  • Blower
  • 4 Spa Jets


Prices are approximate and may vary from area to area due to transport, material costs, and soil conditions. Price excludes soil removal and electrical connection to house.

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